FROM THE MATS TO THE STREETS, 5 Souls was established as a reaction to what had become of the MMA Apparel world. Tired of skulls, angel wings, biohazard logos, and that tacky shine, we dug down to the roots of Boxing, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts, the five souls of fighting, and got to designing.  We've poured our Martial Arts colored souls into our designs so that we can give you not only the opportunity to adorn yourselves with apparel that you are proud to wear as reflections of your own souls, but also a community for like-minded spirits.  A grassroots company, 5 Souls now continues to reclaim the true spirit of the Martial Arts in MMA apparel while giving back to and supporting fighters and Martial Artists at all levels. THIS ISN'T COUTURE, IT'S A CULTURE.

The original founder of 5 Souls, professional fighter German Baltazar is also an artistic genius bringing our designs to life.  More than just an amazing graphic designer, Baltazar began training with the world-renowned Urquidez family at the age of 17. As he became a more accomplished Martial Artist, Baltazar began teaching younger children in exchange for a membership at the Urquidez's gym.  It was there that he was taken under the wing of World Champion Kickboxer, Efrain Contreras. Baltazar would follow Contreras to Big John McCarthy's Ultimate Training Academy, where he was indoctrinated into the world of Mixed Martial Arts.  Baltazar joined Team BJMUTA, the fight team out of Big John McCarthy's Ultimate Training Academy, and honed his skills in all the disciplines of Mixed Martial Arts.  He went on to go undefeated as an amateur fighter, culminating in becoming the first ever California State Champion at 135 pounds.  Following his amateur success, he turned pro and continued his winning record under the coaching of kickboxing legend, Pete "Sugarfoot" Cunningham.

   Eric Kohm was the next addition to the 5 Souls family. Following a brief career as a personal trainer and stint as a competitive drug-free bodybuilder, Kohm hoped to decrease his stress as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of California by finding a new outlet. Upon a whim, he ventured into a local Martial Arts Academy owned and operated by Master Steve Baca, and was hooked.  Kohm went on to achieve his black belt in Kenpo after only 3 years, and continues to train in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu out of Baca's Academy.  But something was still missing.  So, Kohm sought out to take the skills he acquired as a lawyer and combine them with his passion for the Martial Arts.  Following his completion of Big John McCarthy's C.O.M.M.A.N.D. referee course, Kohm accepted the opportunity to manage Team BJMUTA.  It was then that he met Baltazar and instantaneously recognized Baltazar's talents as a graphic and martial artist.  And after a sales pitch over Umami burgers, Baltazar accepted Kohm's offer to join 5 Souls and help reflect the true soul of the Martial Arts in MMA apparel.  Kohm can still be found training at Baca's Academy and prosecuting criminals for the State of California.